Restauro di Stucchi Restauro di Stucchi Restauro della Pietra Restauro del Legno Restauro dei Dipinti


Esedra has been created in 1989 by ten professionals all graduated at the Centro di Catalogazione e Restauro  di Villa Manin di Passariano (Udine –Italy).
Esedra  operates in the field of cultural heritage preservation. A good part of our work is in preservation and restoring of stony materials , frescos , wall paintings, architectural facades. Esedra’s  laboratory  is  strongly  equipped  for  works of preservation and restoring of  paintings  and wood sculptures.
Esedra  works together  with  highly skilled professionals  in  the restoring  and preservation of works of art and artefacts in  metal, paper and textiles.
Every project that Esedra works on, is deeply and carefully researched both in the scientific-technical  and the artistic - historical  perspective.
The accurate research and feasibility studies allow for the best choice of  solutions.
Esedra  makes a point in always   precisely collecting  and organizing the historical and archive research, the scientific analysis on materials, the graphic and photographic documents, the studies on the techniques and on the causes of damage.
Esedra’s   accurate,  passionate and highly skilled way of  operating, guarantees that every project we  engage on is  completed in the best possible way and  offers occasion for an accurate  technical, artistic, and historical  understanding of the work of art.





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